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Expressing Power or Developing Power

Specificity I: Do Olympic Lifts Enhance Athletic Ability?

Power Clean to Hang Clean

Intensity and Fiber Recruitment


Potential Injuries from Olympic Lifts

Progression and Recuperation in Strength Training

Skill Transfer in Sports Training

Strength Training Supervison

Frequency of Training

Dear - Safety First

Make-up Your Mind

What is a Productive and Efficient Program?

More on Contradictions

The Best Exercises for Power


Efficiency in Training

How Many Sets Per Exercise?

Dear / Q & A

A Return to Safety

Strength Training Layoffs

Split vs. Full Body Programs

What are our Athletes Training For?

Specificity Part II

Be Open Minded

The Overload Principle

Track Clinic Reflections

Where's the Research?

Workout Organization

Swiss Ball: The Super Tool


Ballistic Training

Strength Coaches to the Test

Minnesota or Bust and Dear Stronger Athletes

How Heavy Of a Load Do I Use?

Myth Debunking 101

Mental Conditioning

Power Training

Repetition Speed

Tampa Bay: Post Asanovich

Stronger Athletes on the Squat

Fundamental Questions

An Injury Incident

Various Topics

Mystery Guest Revealed and Creatine: Our Stance

Increasing the Intensity

Who Are the Best Athletes?

Dear We Are Not Alone

Limited Budget?

Conditioning For Football Players

Productive Lifting Styles and Validity of Athletic Transfer Classic: Fiber Recruitment - Yet Again

Conducting A Test

Dear StrongerAthletes: Various Questions

Dear StrongerAthletes: Fiber Recruitment and Bias

An Experiment in Muscle Fiber Recruitment

More on : An Experiment in Muscle Fiber Recruitment and Mystery Guest Chet Fuhrman Pittsburgh Steelers

Plyometrics: Yes or No?

Single Working Set to Failure

Specificity. How Specific do We Need to Be?

Classic: Specificity II

Sport Specificity

Wrestling: America's Secret Weapon

Another Look At Creatine

Keep it Simple

Dear Stronger Athletes: Science & Strength Research

University of Arkansas Football Clinic: March 1973

Misinterpreted by Message Board

Pro Athletes / Elite vs High School Athletes / Safety
More Pro Athletes/Elite vs High School Athletes/Safety- Part II

25th Annual NSCA Convention

Summer Conditioning Recap

Is Training to Failure Necessary? Mystery Guest: Father Lange of Notre Dame Classic: What are our Athletes Training For?

Attention: Risk is Real!

Decide For Yourself

Role Of Olympic Lifts In High School

Back to the Fundamentals

Back to the Fundamentals... Again

In Season Training Routine # 1

Dear Mature Discourse

Stronger Athletes: Future Strength Coach

New Coach Seeks Information

In-Season/Off-Season Strength Training

Use Common Sense

Periodization for the Athlete and Announcements

Slow Training

Year One In Review

Our Stance on BFS

Partial Reps

Improving Speed

Convention Report and Workout Individualiztion

Safety: Swiss Ball Example / Power Formula
Dear StrongerAthletes: Success Story

Dear StrongerAthletes: New High School/Training Question

Clinic Update and Squatting Form Question

Clinic Update/Video Review/Another Plyometrics Concern

Testing Athletes / Dear StrongerAthletes: Neck Work

Becoming Mainstreamed: Coaching Videos & Books

NFL Team / Program Fundamentals

Slow Training

More Teams Training Smart

Another Safe Training College / Squat Update

CCU Joins Our List

Dear Stronger Athletes: Squats

Teach Athletes the Right Way

Muscle Fiber Recruitment-Again

Top 10 Mark Asanovich Quotes

How Important is Safety?

Sample High Intensity Workout for Athletes

The Athlete Coach Relationship

Speed Training

Dear Stronger Athletes:  We address Specificity, Safety and Stabilization Muscles

Recognition and Keeping Intensity High

Swat Fitness Book Review and Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Dear Stronger Athletes:  Quick Lifts and Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Sport Specific Training

Sport Specific Training II

Applying Safe Principles to High School Programs

In Season Considerations for the Athlete

Help Me Understand Your Thoughts on Olympic Lifts

Dear Stronger Athletes: More Common Sense

Cincinnati Clinic Recap

The Cincinnati Clinic: Dr. Ted Lambrinides on Nutrition

Compound vs Isolation Movements and the Deadlift

Sets and Intensity

Conditioning for Baseball

High Intensity High School Football Champions

Nature vs. Nurture and Olympic Style Strength Training

The "Dos" and Don'ts of Graphs

Bench Press Safety

Cleans Claim Another Victim

Squat Thoughts and Alternatives

Don't Injure Your Players While Testing Them

Training with High Intensity Sets

The Case Against Explosive Weight Training - A Rebuttal to the NSCA Position Paper on Explosive Training

Stability Balls Are Unsafe for Strength Training

Joe DeFranco on Olympic Lifts for Athletes

The Case Against Explosive Weight Training

Jim Bryan's New Site

Some Good Advice from Dr. Ken

Breaking Through A Rep-Barrier

Way of the Weightroom

When Resistance Cables are Superior to Weights

You don't need to train explosively to exhibit explosiveness

It's Not Complicated

Squats - We Can Do Better!

Introducing... Corporate Warrior