Jan 13, 2003

Dear StrongerAthletes: Success Story

We were pleased to receive the following e-mail. From Jim VanSchoonhoven, a mountain bike coach.

About a year ago I started looking in to strength training for my athletes. Of course I kept hearing about the greatness of plyometrics. I almost fell for it. Instead, I kept researching until I found a sensible approach that is safe and effective. I work with Pro riders and most of these kind of guys have done lifting before, and most have never seen any results. Boy do they see results now, and it only takes four or five times of lifting.

One of my riders is an observed trails rider. It would be thought of as trick riding on a mountain bike. It takes a lot of explosive power. From right next to your car, he can jump his bike to the top of your car. People that see what he does, can not believe their eyes. At the age of 19 years old this rider is the only 3 time US rider to represent the USA at the UCI World Championships. He also placed the highest ever for an American at the World Championships (16th) , and this is a sport where riders do not peak until they are 28-32 years old.

All of this just to say thanks for your web site!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I believe what you are doing could save 1000's of kids from getting hurt.

It was sites like yours that helped point out the stupidity of ballistic lifting and plyometrics. And of course strength training slow and in control manner helped [my son] to develop his explosive power.

By the way he was just recently mentioned in an Outside magazine because style of strength training and how much it has helped him.

So keep up the good work, I am sure there are a lot of mean, stupid people bad mouthing you and trying to harm your reputations. So make them mad, by spreading the truth.

My son and most of my other athletes seem to do better lifting only once every 7 to 10 days. This is in the off season. Sometimes during the season they must lift less, but they still show improvement almost every time they lift.


Thank you for the kind words. We are happy you like the website. We really are not far off on frequency though. Our advanced athletes do not train as often either. Our beginners start 3 days per week and reduce from there as they become more intense and learn the movements. We actually decrease our frequency quite a bit in-season. It varies though with the individual athlete. Good luck and hope you have continued success. Please let us know more about how your athletes are doing in the future.

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