Feb 15, 2002

Split vs. Full Body Programs

"Never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide. -Marcus Tullius Cicero

An athlete can make good progress from a split or full body routine. Split routines are for the intermediate, more advanced athletes. They can still make great gains doing full body training sessions but it depends on the athletes’ recovery ability and schedule.

StrongerAthletes.com suggests that the beginner train 3 nonconsecutive days per week performing each exercise on all 3 training days. At this level, the weights being used are not very heavy because the athlete is learning the movements and is learning how to train with intensity.

We suggest that the intermediate athlete train 3 days per week as well. Body parts trained should be split into a push/pull type of routine or an upper/lower body type of routine. For example: upper body on Monday, lower body on Wednesday, upper body on Friday, lower body on Monday, etc… StrongerAthletes.com has had great success training athletes on this type of split routine.

The athlete whose schedule is very full, we suggest training 2 times per week on a full body routine and occasionally skipping a session if the athlete does not feel recovered from the previous training session to continue making strength gains. For example, an athletes trains the entire body on Monday and Friday, If he/she does not feel recovered on Friday from Monday's session then they should wait again until Monday to train.

Advanced athletes can continue strength gains training 2 times per week as well on a split routine. Some may progress training 2 times per week, 1 time the next. The latter is for only advanced athletes that no longer make substantial gains at the intermediate level.

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