TNT - It's Dynamite

For the chemists out there, they might think of trinitrotoluene when they see TNT, the rest of us though,  probably just think of dynamite. However, there is another meaning you should know. 

It is an acronym that stands for Truth Not Trends.  TNT is an evidence based podcast site featuring podcasts from renowned exercise authorities such as Mark Asanovich, Wayne Westcott, and Michael Bradley et al.

Their mission and values have similarities to StrongerAthletes, but with a stronger focus on the individual.  No nonsense and a strong focus on the clients health and goals. To promote health and prevent disease through strength training in the safest, and most efficient way humanly possible. To help people become the best version of themselves. Promoting individual strength through evidence-based progressive overload training. Supporting individual health through evidence-based nutritional counseling. Strengthening communities by connecting practitioners of the evidence-based, high inte…

Less is More, More or Less

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. --Goethe" What is the optimal amount of strength training? The short answer is the least you can do while making credible gains.
Why would you do more? Like anything we pursue in life strength training has a point of diminishing returns. At some point x in no longer equals y out. Eventually 2x in starts to equal y out, then 3x and 4x in is required to equal y out.  You begin to lose ground.

Think of recovery like a cup. The more volume you add the more the recovery cup is emptied to get you ready for the next workout. If you have more volume than the recovery cup can handle, you aren’t recovered in time for your next workout.

Life is very busy for the high school athlete.  Numerous demands are competing for their time. In addition to the normal academic demands, athletes have sport demands. Sport demands can further be broken down into strength training demands.

The time demand is …

Dumbbells for Training Athletes

Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats. -- Howard Aiken, IBM engineer

Dumbbells for Training Athletes
There are plenty of ways to train your athletes.  Barbells, Machines, Bands... basically anything that provides resistance to the targeted muscles.    Of course dumbbells belong on that list as well, simply because they provide resistance too.  However there are some reasons to look a little closer at what dumbbells bring to the table.   I will point out that some of the advantages or unique points to training with a dumbbell are also true of resistance bands or cable / pully machines.   For most schools though, a complete set of dumbbells will be a better investment than cable/pully machines as the machines tend to be focused on a single or only a very few movements.  Dumbbells and resistance bands are not limited in the same sense.

Some advantages or unique properties of Dumbbells
Cost - Dumb…

Introducing... Corporate Warrior

In the next few months, I'm going to make a an effort here to talk a little bit about some of the folks on our Sites Of Interest.

The links you see there are people or organizations that we feel are doing good work by promoting the correct training methodologies and have some unique information that we think would benefit our readers.

The first one I'm going to talk about is the newest addition to our Links, Corporate Fitness. Corporate Fitness is the effort of Lawrence Neal. Lawrence states he started the site
"after having the epiphany that redefined what I considered to be “effective exercise”.
My journey starts here…  It’s Sunday evening 22nd July 2012. I’m sitting down planning my workouts for the week:  Monday – Running and “Core” Work Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training and Grip   Wednesday – Interval Sprints  Thursday – Lower Body Strength Training and Grip  Friday – Hill Sprints  Saturday – 45 Minute Run  I pointlessly penciled in other activities in the …

Squats - We Can Do Better!

"Morality is contraband in war." -Mahatma Gandhi

Question the importance of squats on any lifting forum on the net and typically youll get back a range of responses from necessary evil to better than sliced bread. Some people love pushing the squat so much theyll tell you you need to do it if you want a bigger chest or arms. And then a breath or two later explain the principle of SAID (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) without blinking.

Squats, though a good leg exercise aren't necessarily the best choice for every single athlete that comes through the doors of the weight room. In other words, as we stated in a previous article, We would like to emphasize that there is nothing magical about placing a bar across ones back to develop lower body strength.

Whether or not the squat is the right choice depends on several things:

Does the movement fit the subjects body. Is he 6'10" or 5'10"?Do you have a safe setup for performing squats? If a power rack is u…

It's Not Complicated

"Enthusiasm is the most important thing in life." -Tennessee Williams

Don't Complicate Strength

On my own, I have learned simple is best. Yet, what I read said, complex is best.

There are many reasons strength training isnt portrayed as simple, but perhaps the biggest is that the simple is not worth as much money as complex. Arthur Jones and other high intensity advocates had simple programs. Many of todays gurus teach a Soviet/Eastern European periodization that factors in the level of the tide, sunrise, moon phase, barometric pressure and the orbit of Halleys comet.

While those programs can work as well, they work because the body is made to work hard and to follow that work with a period of rest. I believe a lot of the reason for the pushing of the complex approach is because when you see all the factors that you must (according the the ones pushing the complex) consider, you are sure to understand why you need to be paying top dollar for this advice, probably need a pers…

You don't need to train explosively to exhibit explosiveness

A long while back in a "Dear StrongerAthletes: Success Story" (scroll down on page link takes you to) a father and mountain bike coach mentioned the improvement he'd seen in his team members and his son after utilizing the Stronger Athlete's method of strength training. He mentioned his son's improvement and if you would like to see some of the things his son can do with a bike - amazing stuff - really, you need to watch this video.

Also check out the America's Got Talent Profile of Jeremy Vanschoonhoven.